Findon Village Pre-School

What our parents
and carers say...

‘A very happy school Gabriel always enjoys coming.  I am pleased how his confidence has grown’

 ‘ Findon Village Pre-school is a fun environment . It really brought my child’s personality out and gave her lots of confidence. She loves it . Friendly and happy as it should be!’

‘ I like the way the staff encourage children to do things for themselves. My child had a habit of throwing a strop if another child wanted to join in or if she did not get her own way. Instead of pandering to her they encouraged her to change her behaviour /attitude which in turn made playing and mixing with others easier.’

 'My child always looks forward to coming to Pre-school. He’s loved his time here and has made some great friends . The staff are always very approachable and happy to talk through any concerns.’

My child has had an ‘amazing’  time at Pre-school. He has completely come out of his shell and expresses himself with so much excitement and joy when telling me about his day – you feel as if you were there yourself !  Great communication with the all staff – who really do recognise each individual child and each child’s needs.’

 ‘A great stimulating and exciting environment for our son to learn through play. He has made such lovely friends which he’ll be progressing to school with and talks regularly and fondly about the staff . What a great start in life. Thank you.‘

‘Findon Village Pre-school has been the perfect place for Henry since the first step he walked in! The staff have always cared for him and his learning in the most fantastic ways.  It’s a constant pleasure when he comes home and tells us about the fun he has had and what he has learnt. We certainly could not ask any more of them. Thank you.‘

 ‘Both kids have thoroughly enjoyed their time at the Pre-school and have developed during the last year and a half we would recommend the Pre-school to anyone.‘

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