Findon Village Pre-School


Our primary goal is that the children of Findon Village Pre-school feel happy, confident and secure. Such children will happily participate in the wide range of activities and experiences which give them a sense of fun, fulfilment, discovery and achievement.

Activities are based on the Birth to Three Matters framework and Curriculum Guidance for the Foundation Stage. The Foundation Stage of the National Curriculum focuses on the following six areas of learning:

· Social, emotional and personal development
· Physical development
· Creative development
· Communication, language and literacy
· Mathematical development
· Knowledge and understanding of the world

Children will achieve development in all of these areas through play. The activities we choose, such as with sand and water, constructional toys, puzzles, paints and craft materials, encourage children to explore the world, to investigate, to think and be creative. Other types of activity, for example dressing up and role-play, stimulate imaginative play and encourage children to learn to play together, to co-operate and share. Activities and resources are chosen carefully and children are given the opportunity to explore at their own pace, according to their own stage of development.

We have an open door policy so all activities and learning are run indoors and out, the children get to chose.  


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